06 March 2007

Job Update

Bad news... The other person that Nestlé was supposed to interview last Friday came down with the flu, and they've rescheduled for this Friday. That means I won't find out about the Nestlé job until next week. So frustrating, but at least it's not a no! (That's what Andrew said when I told him.) I also heard back from PwC, and it's a no-go, with no explanation; they're just "not going to proceed further" with my application. Still waiting to hear from the others, though.

Today I called a lot of our estate agents to remind them that we exist, as we were afraid they had forgotten. I ended up scheduling three appointments to look at flats, one of which turned out to be one that Andrew and I viewed last week with another company! I only found one that "would do," but I hope that we can find better...

On a positive note, I'm sure everyone noticed the site redesign. Andrew thought the beige was dull; I was ready for a change (I've been looking at that beige since the first post last November, before the site was "official."), and, besides, crimson is "so us." We also added some new elements to the right-hand column. The time in London (which I stole from the Nori's site), and some other useful "London Links" might be interesting to some of you who are browsing out of sheer boredom. I also included the ever-depressing currency converter site.

The dogs are doing well. Savannah is chasing as many squirrels in the park as she can, and Hadley's just chasing Savannah and other dogs. I thought, since this is a rather boring and not-so-uplifting post, I would provide you all with some recent photos of them, to cheer us all up!


Lauren said...

Like you said, at least it's not a no, so here's hoping. I like the new site look, very you and Andrew. I just relaunched Stephanie's site at www.stephaniejblock.com. Very fun stuff!

andrea said...

I have to say, as a fellow American living in London, and being from Atlanta that the 'crimson' could also be a UGA color, right?

Ah, don't worry, I didn't go to UGA, so I won't take it that way!

I am glad to hear you can find the Braves here, I will have to venture to Bodeans and hope they are showing them!

Anonymous said...

The pics of Savannah and Hadley are PRECIOUS!! Meow!
-Susan K.