30 April 2007

And we’re back! Let’s play catch-up!

You know, I honestly don’t know how we ever lived without modern technology. Without cell phones and the internet… It just makes life so much easier! These past few weeks, we haven’t had internet access at the flat. Now, at the old flat, we never got internet access in our five months living there, but we could at least spoof onto someone else’s wireless connection in one corner of our guest bedroom. It wasn’t reliable; it cut you off quite a bit and sometimes wouldn’t even let you on at all. At least we had it, though! Now that we have our connection set up here, though, I am so happy. It’s fabulous to be able to see something on TV that makes me wonder about something, and I can just turn on my computer and look up what I’m wondering! As the Brits would say: Brilliant!

Anyway, because of our lack of connectivity, the blog has suffered. I thought I had written two entries during this time, but I can only find the one below about Easter. I also finally published the photos for Andrew’s last blog, so you should scroll on down there and check those out, as well.

Meanwhile, I’ll just give you a quick update on what we’ve been doing the past few weeks since Easter. First of all, Easter weekend, Andrew and I joined a gym. Extremely conveniently located in our tube station, five minutes from our flat, we’ve been really visiting it every day! I love the classes. I’ve been taking a class called Dance Sculpt on Wednesday’s; those of you who know me know that I can’t dance, so the class is very awkward and fun for me. I’ve also been taking some Pilates classes, and another called Body Pump, which is a weight training class. Andrew has taken Body Combat, which is basically kickboxing, and I’m supposed to join him in that class this week. Tomorrow night I have a meeting with a personal trainer who will set me up on a routine. Pretty soon, I’ll have a six pack and will be kicking butt and taking names!

Anyway, going to the gym and working have been taking up most of our week days. Andrew has been in London, and it’s so nice to have him home! Unfortunately, he has been less busy at work than he would like, due to the fact that he’s here in London. He’s hoping that some more work will be thrown his way soon, though. I have been enjoying working at the Law Society. I really like my boss, Joanne. She’s young and fun and talkative, really very, very sweet. I feel like I’ve been messing up a lot lately, because I’m still learning, but she’s very nice and patient about it. As Andrew mentioned in a previous post, no one has offices. So I work in a very, very large room with 10 other women. My department is called Sections. There are four sections of the Law Society: Probate, Dispute Resolution, Property, and Law Management. Each section has its own magazine, most of which are quarterly, so I work on one section’s magazine per month. Keeps things interesting switching topics each month (well, as interesting as British law magazine can be)!

So in the room where I work are several girls who serve in administrative roles for each Section, an events coordinator who has stolen my cousin Laura’s face, and several women who work in the Lexcel Department. I’m really not sure what they do; they work on my half of the big room, but they’re all very quiet. The diversity of the team is really amazing. There’s a girl from South Africa, one from Australia, one from New Zealand, one from Kenya, one from America (ME!), and two from Britain. I think that’s it. It’s weird, though; it’s almost like every person is from another country! So cool.

Anyway, our weekends have been quite fun, as well. Andrew and I finally got to go to this place we’ve been dieing to visit since we read about it our tour guide. Jazz After Dark is a little restaurant and bar down in Soho. They play live jazz, and it’s quite difficult to get a booking. The restaurant is quite small, so it’s understandable. The food was terrible, but the music and atmosphere were great. The drummer for the band was hysterical. They played in a corner, and the walls behind and next to them were mirrored. The drummer kept looking at himself in the mirror next to him, checking out how he looked playing; he was making all these “I’m so jamming out now” faces, biting his lower lip and bobbing his head, and then he’d steal a glance in the mirror to make sure it looked alright. So funny. Later, Andrew got up and danced with an old woman who was wanting to break it down! Those of you who know us know that Andrew can swing dance fabulously. He was trying to swing dance to jazz music in this tiny, tiny bar with this little old lady. It was hysterical! They kept knocking into tables and knocked over a couple of peoples’ drinks. I about died.

One sunny weekend we decided to go for a picnic in the park with the dogs. I put on my bikini to lay out; we bought some sandwiches, brought our books, and packed some tennis balls for Hadley. We went to Battersea, where we figured the girls would have the most fun. (It’s the park next to where we used to live.) Hadley actually swam! I threw her some sticks into the lake, and she jumped in after it! Granted, she was very reluctant at first, but she got to where she loved it! Savannah, on the other hand, just looked at her like she was crazy and tried to chase any dogs who came near us.

Anyway, I'm quite knackered now, so I'm off to bed! I'll catch you up on this past weekend later this week. We're back, everybody!

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