29 May 2007

Venice -- it's like a movie set!!!

Well on our way to Venice, our first stop, we had a lay over in Frankfurt. While sitting in Frankfurt we were informed that the flight was oversold and they were offering €250 per person if you would wait and take the 4:00 flight instead of the 1:00 flight. Needless to say, Kelly and I waited till 4:00 and collected €500 when we landed in Venice. The downside of that was that we were informed they left our luggage in Frankfurt and that we would not get it until tomorrow. So off we went to the hotel to clean up in our same clothes after a long day of travel. So we took a water bus from the airport to Piazza San Marco, which was right by our hotel and checked-in. Our hotel was small but quaint and it was centrally located making it immensely convenient. The first night we grabbed dinner at some place recommended by our hotel and then wandered through the Piazza San Marco listening to the orchestras play outside of the cafes. We had a glass of wine and sat and watched. It was really wonderful.

The next day the rain began and it rained on and off until we left Venice.
We had a break long enough one night to take a gondolier ride through the canals and down the great canal. Kelly and I really enjoyed it and were glad we did it but agreed that it was not worth the price and we would not do it again.
We spent the days seeing the Palace, Basilica, bell tower and wandering through the streets discovering the shops of Venice.
We were able to spend one afternoon and one dinner with my parents who were on an organized tour traveling to most of the same places.

I think the funniest thing I have ever seen and it will remain one of my favorite memories is watching Kelly feed the pigeons in the square. You pay €1 to a person selling corn for the birds and you throw it out or hold it in your hand and the pigeons swarm all over you because they know you have the food. I did it and took it ok. I had birds all in my hand, on my arms and all around my feet. Kelly, on the other hand, would jump and scream with fear.
At one point in time we were standing amongst hundreds of pigeons when it sounded like a gun went off. It turns out they make this sound whenever there are tons of pigeons and tourists in this area and the pigeons freak out and start flying everywhere causing the tourists to duck and dodge the birds. It scared us stupid and then the birds nearly decapitated us. Overall, I loved Venice but I think it is really expensive and that takes away some of the fun. Paying €4.50 for a coke really pissed me off. Here are some more wonderful photos, though!

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