03 January 2009

Happy New Year!!

As stated in the last post, I was sick before we left London, and because of our stressful time before and after we arrived in the US, we never made a booking or concrete plans for New Years Eve. Luckily, our friend Sharon (who was also getting over the flu) was on the ball and made a booking for four at the Duke of Wellington pub in Notting Hill, which is about a block away from their flat. She called us when we landed on the 30th to make sure we wanted to do that, and we were just ecstatic that we had something to do and someone to hang out with!

On New Year's Eve, I took the dogs and walked to the nearby party shop to buy some funky New Year's hats or headbands and party blowers. I arrived to picked-over disarray. They had five New Year's hats left. Five. So I bought four of them -- two black, two gold -- and four gold party blowers. Andrew and I took a bottle of champagne to the Frasers flat, and we then realised that the party hats I bought were much too small for a normal-sized heads. We wore them anyway, though, and had one of our best New Year's celebrations yet. It was relaxing, laid back, not too crowded or over priced. We couldn't have asked for better company, and it was just what we needed to ring in our last New Year in London.

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