04 July 2009

Atlanta, here we come!

So just before we left for our LOOOONG trip to the US, we found out that when we move back in November, we'll be heading to the big ATL. We're getting excited. Andrew's brother, Neal, and his wife Ginny recently moved there, and we have several other friends who live in and around Atlanta, so it won't be like we're totally starting over again. We're looking forward to having a house and a yard (and our dogs back!), cars, and being close to our friends and family in Alabama (after all, Atlanta is much closer than Boston!).

So we went to Atlanta and spent a couple of nights with Neal and Ginny while were home so that we could see their new place, spend some time with them and get to know Atlanta. While Neal and Ginny were at work, Andrew and I drove around the suburbs of Atlanta, checking out about 10 different neighbourhoods to see which ones we liked best to help us along with our house hunt. We probably drove around for about four or five hours. Our favourite neighbourhoods were Ansley Park, Morningside, Piedmont, and Virginia Highlands. Later that night, we went to Turner Field and got tickets to see the Braves battle it out against the Phillies! After the game, there was a fireworks display, and when that was over, we found an English pub where some of Neal and Ginny's friends met us. Andrew and I even ran into one of our old college buddies!

We can't wait to be back in the South! See y'all soon!

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