01 October 2009

Goodbye, London!

So Andrew and I have finished our stint in London and are spending the entire month of October driving through Europe as our last hurrah. We've decided to do video updates during our trip, which we'll post when we can as we're traveling (depending on when we get hotels with good internet access).

We' hope you enjoy traveling with us as we see the world!

Sorry for the shaky camera during some of these first ones. The cab was already waiting outside, so I was kind of in a hurry!


geo said...

I can't see any pictures :(

The Brocks said...

Hey, Geo! They're videos on YouTube. We'll probably post pictures after we get back to the US. The videos are just a quicker way of doing it!

geo said...

I can't see the link to those videos either. Maybe it's a problem with my computer. I'll check from home tonight. I'm excited for you guys! Keep enjoying this wonderful adventure!!!

geo said...

I can see them now, yay!!! It was an issue with my computer at work. I guess we're not supposed to see youtube videos, hahaha. Anyway, I'm here at home now living vicariously through you guys. Thanks for posting!