04 February 2007

The Dinner Party and Fulham, Clapham, and High Street Kensington

Friday night we had the Beard's, the Nori's, the Triefenbach's, and the Tiensvold's for Italian Night. I cooked spaghetti (homemade sauce from fresh and canned tomatos), and we had all the "fixin's" to go with it. It was great company, even though we were a bit squashed trying to find seating for everyone and having to eat off paper plates. Although our poor carpet (and Rino's pink shirt) suffered some nasty blows (red wine disasters).

Later this weekend, Andrew and I decided to visit Fulham, Clapham, and High Street Kensington because we're thinking about moving in April. We wanted to check out those areas to see if we liked them and to look at some of the estate agents to see if there were any flats within our price range. We're also hoping to find a flat with a backyard garden for the dogs. We really liked the High Street Kensington area, although I'm not sure that we'll be able to find what we're looking for there within our price range. We also liked the Fulham area. It just really felt cozy; it almost had a small-town feel to it. We're hoping to make appointments with estate agents for next weekend so that we can actually start looking at flats that will be available.

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