07 November 2007

The Ray LaMontagne Fiasco

So recently our good friends the Noris asked a bunch of us if we wanted to go to the Ray LaMontagne concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

"Ray Who?" I asked. I'd never heard of the guy. Andrew, however, replied that we'd love to attend, and Beth and Rino got tickets for us and the Tiensvolds and the Sangers (I think). This was months and months ago. After buying the tickets, Beth burned me a copy of his CD, and he's actually quite good. I still listen to the CD often.

Anyway, so the week before the show, both the Sangers and the quasi-hosts - the Noris - backed out and said they could no longer come! The Tiensvolds were still going, though, and Andrew and I had been looking forward to it, so we rushed over after work.Apparently concerts are done differently here in the UK than they are in States. We arrived early and went to the bar to have a pint before the show. Tim soon met us, and Christi arrived about the time we were moving on to our seats. Then the opening act began. She was TERRIBLE! Before she'd even finished her first song, we got up and headed back to the bar. Then there was an intermission after the opening act. Ray didn't even come on stage until about 9pm! We'd been there since about 7pm! No one stood; no one sang; no one danced. It was really strange, eerily quiet. Andrew and I stayed for a while, but we ended up leaving way early. It just wasn't that fun like it is to go to a concert back Home. Andrew and I both agreed that we may be getting older, but we still have some Rock and Roll left in us!

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