29 January 2007

My Bloody Finger

Today I had my first experience with the British A&E (for Accident and Emergency). I was slicing cheese for a sandwich and cut the hell out of my pinkie finger. I finally got it to stop bleeding, hopped on a bus to the "chemist" to get some "plasters," and halfway there realized that it had started bleeding again, had bled through the paper towel in which I had wrapped it, and had proceeded to make an actual puddle in my lap, all without my noticing. So I got off at the next stop and ran in the nearest store with a bathroom, hoping to rinse it and a get some more paper towels for it. Well, when I unwrap it in the bathroom (which, by the way, only has hand driers), it's actually squirting blood like an artery all over me, my face, the counter. It's going straight up in the air! Of course, I'm panicking, and a woman turns and sees and goes to get the first aid person on duty at the department store. So this other lady, helps me wrap it up in toilet paper and is holding my arm up in the air for me while putting cold tissues on the back of my neck and making me sit down on the toilet until the first aid lady gets there, about ten minutes later. So she looks at it, bandages it up nice for me and make a sling for me to make sure I hold it upright and sends me off with directions to head to the hospital, saying I need stitches. So I go (after much ado of going to the wrong one first and then having to go back and forth to my house twice), and they put a bandage on it, and send me on my way again. What an ordeal! Now I have this huge thing on my pinkie that hurts!

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