03 January 2007

New Year's Eve 2006

Every year for New Year's Even, Andrew and I and our friends usually pay $50-75 per head to attend a charity-event party. I'm not sure that any of us ever eveb know what charity what supporting.

This year, however, Andrew's brother Neal and their good friend Ollie decided that we should throw our own party. We would rent a place, hire a band, charge admission; that way instead of there being a small group of us at a big party, it would be only our close friends!

So Neal and Ollie did all the planning and organizing. They gathered about 20 hosts, and each host donated $50. We rented out Nona's II in Vestavia City Center, and hired Odie McCool's band. We made up an e-vite and sent it to all our friends, who in turn sent it their friends, who sent it to their friends. By the end of it, the e-vite had been sent to more than 700 people.

That night, everything looked great. There ended up being a line way out the door, and we actually had to cut people off; there were so many people there! We drank all the alcohol in the restaurant, then cleaned out the restaurant upstairs, then they had to go Rite-Aid and buy more! It was insane, but it was a great time! By the end of it, the owners were asking Andrew when we could throw another party! Here are some pictures.

The pre-party dinner at the Brock's house:

Nona's II, all decorated for the party to start!

This is a list of all the hosts:

Andrew and the cop checking IDs at the door and taking up admission:

Random snapshots from the party:

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