28 November 2006

More Stuff

It seems that both Hadley and I are trying to get over colds at the moment. I spoke with my mom this weekend, and she said she had to take little Hadster to the vet this past weekend! She said that Hadley had been sneezing a lot, and then one night, Mom said she woke up to this terrible wheezing sound and found Hadley resting her chin on the edge of the bed, just staring at her and wheezing. Mom said it was just like a little kid coming in and saying, "Mommy, I don't feel good," and just looking at her with sad, miserable eyes. So Mom got up the next morning and took her to their vet in Cullman (the one I loved when I used to take Hunter and Bear there), and it turns out that Hadley has a doggy cold! She was running a slight fever and has to take some antibiotics, poor thing.

The job search is getting more frustrating with each day. It appears that I'm even going to have trouble getting an agency to help me, as I emailed a couple of them for information yesterday morning and still haven't heard from them! I know it's only been two days, but I just thought that they would be quicker! It's officially depressing now that Andrew is travelling, too, and I'm all alone! He came home and had lunch with me today before he left for the airport, so he's only been gone a couple of hours, but it's "officially" hit me that I'm all by myself now for the next few days with no job to keep me busy during the day. Maybe I'll actually get the laundry completely done, though, with him gone! Each load takes ages here! Sometimes I have to dry loads two and three times (at 120 minutes a time) to get them dry, and it's not like I can wash other loads while I'm doing it because it's the same machine!

We had two lovely Thanksgivings: one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The actual Thanksgiving, Thursday, was kind of depressing, though. We didn't want to have to turkey all those days in a row, so I cooked steak fajitas that night. Andrew and I actually agreed that it was the best Mexican food we'd had since we got here (if only I could make margaritas to go with them!), but just the fact that we were having Mexican on Thanksgiving was a little weird. Anyway, Saturday and Sunday Andrew cooked pecan pies, and I made cornbread to take to the dinners, and we had a lot of fun with our friends. Both were kind of random groups of people we knew and some we didn't, so that made it a lot of fun.

I spoke with my Mom's entire side of the family on Thanksgiving. My cousin Laura got engaged, and so did her brother Daron! Daron and Hollie are going to go to the courthouse to do it, but Laura will be getting married to a guy she's been dating named Shannon next October, and I'm a bridesmaid! I'm so happy for her! And guess what color the bridesmaids' dresses are: CRIMSON! Yay!

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