22 November 2006

What's Going On

I can't believe that we'll be Home in just about three weeks! Time seems to have flown by. We miss everyone so much, though, and can't wait to come home! I'm glad we'll get to be there for so long, too.

The job hunt is exasperating, to say the least. It's the same story you hear from everyone my age looking for a job: the jobs I want need someone with more experience; the jobs I don't want, but that would give me the experience I need, either don't pay enough, or I'm overqualified for them. At this point, I'm eager to find a job doing anything, just so that I can make some money and have something to do during the day! I even considered applying at Gap!! How sad is that?

Meanwhile, I'm not wasting all my time. I'm refreshing my German and have found that it's amazing how much of it comes back just from a little reading. I'm hoping that by the time Andrew and I get to go to Germany, I'll be "refreshed" enough to carry on a decent conversation, or at least to understand what people are saying to me. When we do go to Germany, I want to buy a couple of German novels, some easy Chick Lit or something, that I can read through with a dictionary. I think that would be the best way for me to practice.

I've also checked out some books from the library about HTML to help me learn to build Web sites. I think it would be a plus for my career, as well. I've been trying to do a lesson of German and HTML every day. I'd like to try French, as well (I brought my French book from Axcan), but I don't want to overdo it! Plus, I have to fit job searching in there somewhere! With all these lessons, it almost feels like I'm back in school (if school were a Starbucks).

Cooking is nuts over here. I've been trying my best to cook every night, but I really can't figure out how moms decide what to make every night! Mom always told me that when she and Dad got married, she made a lot of Hamburger Helper meals because she couldn't cook. I would LOVE to be able to make a couple of Hamburger Helper meals over here, but they don't have anything like that! The only "prepackaged" meals like that are Indian food! Ugh! Indian food doesn't sound appetising often when it's fresh, much less prepackaged (although I must admit that I did make chicken tikki masala one night, with the jar of sauce and "just add chicken"--it was actually alright). Mom's been impressed because every time she calls me I'm cooking (she calls while Dad's home for lunch), and I'm making things like chicken parmesan, chicken tikki masala, homemade chicken noodle soup, pork roast, pork chops, lemon sole. They all sound advanced (at least compared to Hamburger Helper!), but they're pretty much all easy, quick, and really don't turn out that great! But Andrew eats them anyway, and doesn't complain. Crystal and Mom, I'm at a loss without you here to help me cook!

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