29 September 2007

The Most Terrifying Live Theatre Experience in the World!

Last night Andrew and I went to see the a play called The Woman in Black. I had seen ads for it when I was buying out tickets to Fiddler on the Roof for last weekend, and I thought it looked interesting. I had never heard of, though. So then I got an email from lastminute.com saying that tickets for it were on sale, and I cracked up at the ad, which called the play, “the most terrifying live theatre experience in the world...” On an off-chance, though, my co-worker Babs (a guy from Nigeria), mentioned the play and that I should go see it because it was really good. Then I mentioned it to some other co-workers, who all said it was really scary and really good and to definitely go and see it. I was sceptical; I couldn’t see how a play could be that frightening, but I asked Andrew if he wanted to go, to which he of course replied yes because he loves theatre. I bought the tickets, and we headed to the Fortune Theatre in the West End theatre district Friday night for the production.It started off rather slow, but the second half was much better. The story is your typical English ghost story. It sounds just like an M.R. James story, though the play was adapted from a novel by Susan Hill. I wouldn’t be surprised if it really were the most terrifying live theatre experience in the world; as I said before, I just don’t think the stage is capable of producing proper horror stories, and there aren’t that many scary plays out there. I have to admit, though, that I jumped more than a few times! Ghosts walked down the aisles from behind us and caught me by surprise. However, at other times I think it was other audience members’ screams that startled me more than anything that was going on the play!

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