22 September 2007

Our First Wedding Anniversary

For our first anniversary, Andrew flew in from the States on Friday, and he managed to bring back both halves of the top tier of our wedding cake. Although slightly grossed out by the fact that the cake is an entire year old, he and I wanted to carry out the tradition. Our cake has been chilling out for the year in Andrew's brother Neal's freezer back in Birmingham. It just happened that Andrew was sent to training in Atlanta, Georgia, the week before our anniversary, so he was able to stop by Birmingham while he was in the States and pick it up. During his week of training, he had the Hilton keep in their freezer for him, and the day before he left to come back to London, he had them open it up, cut it in half, and wrap up each half separately. He put one on his checked baggage and the other in his carry-on in hopes that one would make it with all the restrictions. He had no trouble, however, and both pieces made it!

Once we found out that Bama wouldn't be kicking off until 12:45am our time, I went to lastminute.com and got us tickets to Fiddler on the Roof at the Savoy Theatre. Our seats ended up being third row center! The play was amazing.

Afterward, we came home and ate our year-old cake, which actually tasted okay, then we put on our jammies and stayed up to watch the game. Well, okay, I barely make it past kickoff before falling asleep, but Andrew woke me up when we tied, and I saw the overtime. So disappointing!

For our anniversary, we had decided not to get each other gifts, but to instead buy a TomTom satellite navigation system together so that we can use it to get around London and to rent the StreetCar for day trips! Andrew, however, went behind my back and got me "just a little something", which ended up being a brand new ipod nano! It's so cute; it looks like a little green frog, and I love it. For those of you who don't know, he got me an ipod for Christmas last year, but by the end of May, it had gotten swiped from my purse at some point riding the tube. I am much more careful with my stuff now, needless to say!

After one year, Andrew and I are still going strong. I love you, Andrew, and I couldn't be happier!

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