21 September 2007

Some recent tidbits...

Watching the Bama games

Andrew and I can’t get most of the Bama games over here, so we have to settle for watching them online. Now Andrew has bought the cables, and we can hook up our computer to play on the television. He also set up a Slingbox for us at his parent’s house in the States, so we can watch the games that are on TV in the States over here, as well. ROLL TIDE, BABY!

Belly-dancing, again

I don’t know what it is about me, but for some reason the belly-dancers at restaurants here in London like to call me out and make me dance. We went to Cous Cous Darma on Fulham Road with the Frasers, Kevin Mitchell, Lisa, and the Triefenbachs recently, and there was a belly-dancer there. She made me get up and dance twice, and Jeremy and Kevin got up and broke it down with her, as well!

Spook huntin’ with Katy

So Katy found this old abandoned hospital near her house, and she I went and checked it out. It was so cool: all boarded up, so we couldn’t see what was inside, but wandering around the site, we ran across another building that didn’t have fencing all around it. We were able to look in some of the windows and through the keyhole in the front. We discovered that, although the building is disused and boarded up, the electricity is on! Through the keyhole, all you can see is a long corridor with red carpeting, just like in a horror movie, and the lights were on! We’re convinced it’s being used for shady purposes. We also wandered over into Putney Green, where Katy and Jeremy ran across an old, overgrown cemetery.

Jeremy’s birthday

Jeremy is our oldest friend, and I don’t mean that we’ve known him the longest! Katy cooked a wonderful dinner and an amazing cake that was so moist and delicious! Unfortunately, it didn’t look as good as it tasted…

The great kitten hunt

After one of the recent bookclub meetings, Katy took me to a bad section of London without telling me where we were going or why. I thought we were going to a book store or something. We got lost, and Katy kept calling someone to get directions. Since it was starting to get a little late in the evening, and everything closes early on Sundays, I finally made Katy tell me where we were going. To pick out a kitten! When we arrived at this dark flat, we waited in a room with no lights but a television on. We were taken downstairs and directed into the dining room where there were kittens scattered all about underneath the table. Katy picked up the first one that came to her, while I crawled around and picked up the other seven kittens – all at one time. After choosing a new family member, Katy and I headed back to her house to introduce her to Katy’s husband Jeremy and Abby, the cat they already owned, who apparently had no idea they were getting a new kitten! I can attest that Jeremy was less than pleased initially, but who could resist this face for long?

Hever Castle

Our bookclub recently read Philippa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl, and we took a day trip to Hever Castle, the Boleyn’s summer home. Unfortunately, the timing was bad, and the only ones of us who could go were Katy, Heather Sanger, and me. Because there were so few of us, Katy offered to drive, and it was really a nice, perfect day. We picnicked in the gardens and just enjoyed the crisp, autumn weather. It was really beautiful. The gardens were gorgeous! Grandma would have loved them…

These are some photos from the garden maze. Unfortunately, what we saw when we arrived at the center was kind of disappointing (as you can see...)!

These are some pictures of a doll house they had set up in the museum.

And this is the actual castle...

Andrew's travels

Finally, Andrew is rolling off the GM project. At first, he enjoyed getting to go to exotic, out-of-the-ordinary places like the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Kenya, and Egypt, but after a while it really wore on us: on him being all alone out there and feeling like he was missing out on all the fun stuff (mentioned above), and on me, not getting to see the one person I really wanted to see! I think the GM project has been good for his career, and it did get us a relatively free trip Cairo, which has been one of my favorite trips so far, but I am so glad that he's finally coming home! Granted, he will still be travelling, as soon as he gets back, in fact, but he'll be heading back to Amsterdam to work on Tommy Hilfiger again. Amsterdam is only a 45-minute plane ride away, so he can leave out early Monday morning and gets back Thursday evening for the whole weekend. Also, I can easily go see him in Amsterdam on the weekend, on the company, without missing any work.

Singing at the piano bar

We love going to the piano bar at High Street Kensington. It's always so much fun!

This picture’s for you, Jeremy. When you’re out of town, Katy wears this sign to keep guys from hitting on her!

(The sign reads, "Reserved.")

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