15 October 2007

Congrats, Cuz!

This weekend I went home for my cousin Laura’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful. They held the ceremony and reception in Laura’s parent’s backyard. There was a pretty arbor where the ceremony took place, a rented tent with paper Chinese lanterns for the dinner reception, a huge new deck for dancing, and everything was decorated with white twinkle lights and fall colors! It was a magical evening, and Laura looked breathtaking and so happy! It was so nice to be home, too, and get to see all my family, although the weekend, I have to say, was so stressful for me! Flying 20 hours for three days at home is a bit much, but it was worth it. I just wish I could have seen more people while I was there! Those of you whom I missed this trip (which was everyone except my family), I’ll catch you at Christmas!

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