07 October 2007

Happy Birthday, Geo!

So Geo turned 30, and her sweet hubby Ted threw her the shindig of all hullabaloos. We went to a place called the K-Box because Geo wanted to sing karaoke. Karaoke is different here than it is in Birmingham, Alabama. Instead of going to a bar where you stand up in front of a bar full of strangers, here you rent a room at a place like K-Box, and you have several TV screens posting the videos and lyrics and several microphones, and the only people in front of whom you have to stand up and sing are the friends you’ve invited. I don’t know if that’s good because you sing to friends you trust rather than embarrassing yourself in front of a roomful of strangers or if it’s bad because you have sing to friends who will make fun of you for the rest of your life instead of a roomful of strangers you’ll never see again (until the next time you visit Stars). We had a blast! Andrew sang his usuals plus some. I sang Eternal Flame badly (among others). It was so much fun. One of the highlights was hearing the birthday girl sing and dance to My Humps. Another highlight was meeting lots of new friends, including a couple named Juan Carlos and Fiorella. To show what a small world even a big city with more than seven million people in it can be, I have to tell you about our meeting them.

So we’re at Geo’s party, and we meet Fiorella and Juan Carlos (JC). They like Louisiana football, so we were talking to them about the SEC and invited them join us to watch some games. So Andrew and JC exchange phone numbers. Andrew gives JC his, and JC calls Andrew’s to put his number in Andrew’s phone. It shows up as Dave. We all look confused as we try to figure it out. Now for some background: when Andrew and I first got to London, we went to a barbeque joint to watch Bama and Florida, and ended up meeting a Florida fan named Dave. After talking to him for a few moments, we discovered that his wife works for PwC in the same group as Andrew. We thought it was a small world then. Turns out, our old friend Dave and new friends Fiorella and JC have been friends since they were little. When Dave moved back to the States, he gave JC his cell phone! How weird is that?


geo said...

awwwwwwwwwwww thank you guys!!! This is so cool. I don't even have a single line about my bday on my blog (shame on me), but you have created this wonderful post. It's great! Your presence and friendship made it a special day indeed. I'm going to send a link to this post to all my peeps right this second!

geo :)

fiorella and jc said...

hi guys! love reading your blog! how are you doing? hope everything is well. lets get together in the next few weeks! it was nice seeing Andrew at JCs get together! see you soon!