16 October 2007


I just wanted to share with all of you who don't live here how freakishly honest Transport for London (TFL) is about why there are delays on the tube system. I visited the TFL Live Travel News page this evening (as I do every day before leave for work in the morning and home in the evening) and discovered that the Central Line is part suspended due to a person under a train. I kid you not.

The above reads: "CENTRAL LINE: Suspended between Liverpool Street and Marble Arch due to a person under a train at Holborn. Severe delays are occurring on the rest of the line." [Ya think?!]

That's what the website live feed reads right now, and it's probably what they're announcing over the intercoms in the tube stations, as well. Is he alive? Is she dead? Why is he under the train? Did she jump? Did he fall? Was she protesting something? Did someone push him? Don't know! But I tell you, they're probably announcing those details in the stations, as well, or at least on the actual tube trains in the Central Line. They're just that honest!

I just think that's funny because in America they would never tell something like because they wouldn't want to look as though the tube stations are unsafe enough to allow people to get/fall under the tracks, regardless of the fact that they are and everyone knows it. Here, it's like they're so proud that it's actually not their fault this time (for instance, "signal failure at Ealing Broadway" or "backed up queue at Earl's Court", which happens every morning to me).

Also, just so you know, the girls at work just chastised for reading Holborn as "Hol-born". Apparently, like Gloucester is "Gloss-ter" and Leicester is "Lester", Holborn is actually pronounced "Ho-burn". Did you know that they pronounce Worcestershire sauce "Wooster" sauce?!

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